Custom framing of painted canvas, wooden pictures, fabrics and canvas with or without frames. Using a traditional technique or by American mounting (museum), on virtually all types of profiles.

Custom-made framing under glass through basic or highly conservative systems, with the use of:

  • Extra-light, standard thin glass
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Transparent polarised glass<az
  • Museum, with different UV protection grades from 77% to 99%
  • 30-year guaranteed Plexiglas,  use of acid and fungus-protective mount cardboard, of different thicknesses in more than thirty different colours.

Protective assembly of works​

  • Paper
  • Old Works  
  • Modern
  • Photographic
  • Paintings

Using glass and UV protection Plexiglas (from 77% to 99%). Cardboard mount, anti-acid and museum sheets, cardboard layer, spacers, breathable primers.

Using anti-acid and fully removable adhesive tape.

Design of custom-made wall mirrors with every kind of profile, mirrors of various thicknesses with different-sized bevelling, if required.

Design of special frames,  unusual frames by size (bigger than 3m), use or framing purpose, such as overdoors, glazes, TV mountings etc. Special finished details, such as gold leaf or imitation, silver leaf, aluminium leaf or copper leaf.

Production of custom-made spliced fir frames, fixed or with keys, in all thicknesses and widths to your request.

Design of custom-made frames for artists with different types of canvas (cotton, linen, jute).

Production of custom-made cases for transport, available in word or high-density expanded polystyrene, supported by very thin sheets of aluminium and jointed wooden frame.

Production and assembly of Plexiglas display cases of different thicknesses by gluing or bending, in 100% Plexiglas or supported by frames.

Production of stands for artwork​

  • In rustic or partially-worked wood, using noble woods such as oak, fir and lime
  • In basic materials (plywood, mixture of sawdust and paper) with finishes on request: pictorial, silver or gilded.
  • Plexiglas in various colours and thicknesses.